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Questions and Answers for the SM Entertainment Audition!

Hello everyone!

It’s me, SMgirl and here I am to answer the most commonly asked questions about the SM Entertainment Audition!!! 
It's kinda of a re-post but most of you guys seem to miss it and ask the same questions all the time! So here you go again!

(These questions are one people have asked me and my friend that was in SM. Her name was Callie and I will put a Callie at the end of her answers.)

Is it a disadvantage if I don't look Asian? Will SM accept non-Asian looking people?!
There's no non-Asian trainees at the moment, but give it a shot! You never know until you try. (Callie)

Is it true that some trainees never get to debut? :(
Yes! There are only few chosen to debut and most just quit sm. (Callie)

Must I sing in Korean when I audition?
No. You can sing in any language.

When I audition for singing, can i accompany it w/ guitar?

Yes you can!

What type of girls do they want?
Someone who is unique, has a nice figure, aura of an artiste, has a talent in the fields of arts (singing, dancing, acting), undeniably good-looking. I just noticed since almost all of the trainees have those common qualities. (Callie)

Do you get your own room or do you share?
You share.

If you decide to go to a Korean college while you’re a trainee, is SM going to pay for the tuition?
Yes. Everything that you needed will be paid by them if you're an official trainee.

What’s the difference between official and unofficial trainees?
Official trainees are chosen by SM and SM will pay for them. (i.e. Dorm, Food, Clothes, Schooling.)

Where do the unofficial trainees come from?
Korea. They pay SM to train them.

If I’m 16 am too old to audition?
Nope. (Callie)

Training includes singing, dancing, modeling, acting and language learning right?
Yep! (Callie)

How did you audition? What is the best way to audition?
Go to KOREA! I went to Korea and tried out for weekly auditions. There's a better chance to be chosen as their trainees compared to Global auditions. (Callie)

What’s a rhythm check?
A rhythm check is when the judge puts on a random piece of music and you dance to it.

How many trainees live in one dorm & how many in one room?
There are 2 buildings -> one for boys and one for girls
One dorm room -> about 8-10 people
One room (inside the dorm) -> at least 3 people each room.

Hey Callie, I really need some more Info about everyday life as a trainee. My parents aren't all that willing to let me audition because they are afraid of the environment. So what is it like? Is it safe and friendly? Please give in detail what it’s like.
Tell them SM will be the one to provide food, clothes, allowance, tuition fees, dorm, plane ticket to Korea (but not from Korea to your country) and more for you. it's just that they don't pay you. Tell them you train almost every day but you have a freedom to choose what schedule you are getting.

6 am -> wake up
7 -> go to Kent
3:30 -> dismissal
4 - 9 -> training sessions
9:30 -> we have to be back at home and as much as possible sleep at 10 to have an 8 hour sleep.

(Since I’m a member of the school's pep squad team, i start training for SM at 5 every Thursday and Monday). (Callie)

DISCLAIMER: I will say that my information is only what I've heard and read about. I have never gotten into SM Entertainment so some of this info may be subject to change over time.

Good luck everyone and come over to check out my personal blog!

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Hi SM Girl~ I'm american so I know that my chances of getting in are very slim, but since SM is having a live audition in New Jersey this august, I wanted to try out as a dancer.
I know that SM has you freestyle, but do you perform alone, or do they have a group of people all go at once?
Thank you so much in advance! <3 p="p">
For the 1st and 2nd audition it’s just you and the camera person. For the 3rd audition you will be with 10 other people in front of SME judges.
Sorry my answer is late. I’ve been very busy with college.

Hi Mikki

I was wondering if SM really checks email auds. A lot of people say they just reply with a generic message to everyone who emails.

Do you think there's a chance to get in just through the email auditions? they dont hold global auds in my area, you see.
Okay so a lot of people get the email. But the email is true. They will let you attend the global audition and WILL pay more attention to YOU, because you have already done the email audition. If you don’t have global auditions near you, you will probably have you travel to the closest audition. SM doesn’t pay for travel fees for your first 1st and 2nd audition.

Can anyone answer my question please?? Um.. will SM accept any religion into the company???
As far as I know their are no religious restrictions.

Hi SM girl.. I have questions to ask..

1. I'm 13 years old(korean age) and my height is about 150 cm. is it okay?
Yes that’s fine.

2. Do they accept Malaysian??

3. I only know how to speak basic Korean. Will they give us a tutor to teach us speak Korean?
Yes, if you get in you will take Korean lessons

Thank you for replying.. Hope u reply sooon

Hello~ I'm scared of auditioning just because I don't know much about being a trainee!~ But I really want to become one!~
1) Are there any overweight or chubby trainees?
As long as you don't look fat I think you'll be fine.

2) I've heard that if you don't debut and like you got fired or left you have to pay back the costs that the company paid for your training - is this true?
Some trainees that don’t debut will quit on their own. I haven't heard of the debts and whatnot.

3) does height really matter? I'm 5'6 would that be alright!
That's fine.

Hello Sm Girl C:

I'm sorry for the bother xD;; I See you have like a ton of questions ;;
I was wondering as a trainee you stay in dorms with other people, but like... if you were to debut in a group how would you kinda have a clue of who you're gonna debut with xD?
Cause like SHINee has trained with each other for quiet a while C:
I’m not exactly sure how SM chooses who goes in a group. Probably whoever they think will work well together and are ready.

Oh and I plan on auditioning when I finish Highschool ^^ So would 18..19ish be too old LOL?
As I mentioned before, there are no age limits. As long as you don’t look old you’re fine.

I'm 100% Chinese~ But I don't know any mandarin ;A;... i speak Teochew but i doubt that'd help xD
Being Asian is a plus. So is knowing another language.

Hi Anna
So..... I was planning to audition for the youth star audition next year but first i want to know how everything goes before i audition.
1. When you audition, what do you say to the judges?? o.o
You should introduce yourself, something like this would work:
Hello my name is _______ I'm __ years old and I'm auditioning for _____ the song I'm singing is ____

2. Do we audition like at the same time with other people? Cuz i saw some audition clips from the weekly auditions and there was a group of people and they sang one at a time.
For the 3rd audition you will be in a line-up with 10 other people. The 1st and 2nd audition its just you and the cameraman.

3. About my looks..... I personally don't think I'm that good looking, but i don't think I'm ugly lmao. Should i send you a picture of me???
Sadly, SM is really into looks. But if you are talented and somewhat pretty your chances of getting in are good.

3. I wear glasses and i think in one of your other replies, you said that its better not to wear them. But my dad won't let me get contacts so is it okay if i wear my glasses?
SM wants to see your face but if you have to wear glasses that’s OK.

4. Let's pretend i get accepted. Then what?? o.o Do you think they'll walk me through everything? Cuz i'm kinda lost with what happens after they accept you.
You become an official trainee of SM. Your schedule will vary but it should look something like this.
6 am -> wake up
7 -> go to Kent
3:30 -> dismissal
4 - 9 -> training sessions
9:30 -> we have to be back at home and as much as possible sleep at 10 to have an 8 hour sleep.

5. For the schedule, we get to pick which schedule we're getting but what are the options? Cuz i'm 14 and i obviously have to go to school. But training is just as important to me lol
If you are still in high school they will keep you in school and training is afterwards.

Sorry for asking so much! >.< But i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful that you made this blog. *bows down at your feet* Reply soon~

I'm 15 right now from the Philippines and I really want to go to the sm academy.
I'm not sure how to get inm really. So please tell me where I have to go or whom I have to go to as I come by to korea to audition?
Plus, How would you mind asking callie on how old is the eldest to audition? Thanksies!
There is no age limit. Please read my Q’s and A’s here at this link. http://smentertainmenthelper.blogspot.com/2011/01/qs-and-as-for-sm-entertianment.html
Hopefully, that answers your questions.

I’m glad you like the blog!
I would ask you some question =
1) I'm now 13 years old. I think I'll go for the auditions by 18 or 19 years old. Do you think I'm too old for that?
There is no age limit so you should be fine.

2)SM Girl, I can sing till higher E, I know piano. I can dance but not Girls Hip Hop or freestyle or anything. I just know how to dance ballet ! That's the problem ! But I know how to dance SNSD's songs like Paparazzi, The boys and so on. Do you think I can be a trainee of SM ?
Knowing piano is good. If you can dance Paparazzi and The Boys you can dance freestyle.

3)You know, I'm a Chinese of Malaysia. I don't think I'm pretty but my friends do ! I know that's fine, but my parents disagree about that I want to be a trainee. Do you think they will kick me out because I don't have my parent's premission to be a trainee ?
I highly recommend getting your parents approval! Trust me you will want them supporting you.

4)I know how to speak English, Chinese, Korean, (Learning now, but just basic), Malay, Cantonese. Do you think this will higher my chance ?
That’s great! More languages you know the better.

hello im 12 (is it too young?) ....
I would suggest waiting till you are older before auditioning. Just in case you get in and realize this is not where you want to be. Your 12 you still have plenty of time.

im an asian (filipino) ..... i have tanned skin ... not so skiny and not so fat .... and some said im pretty ...
Asian is good. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

well im good at singing and dancing and also at acting ..... i could learn dances fast even just watching it ... i havent been in any classes like dancing/singing classes or stuffs .... could it lower my chances ?
Nope, as long as you can sing and dance you’re good.
.... ...

well im planning on have brace this year cause i think my teeth was kinda weird or something ... and i want my teeth to be good looking .... could i audition with brace or should i audition first before i put brace?
I would recommend auditioning before or after you’ve got your braces.

im fluent in filipino,english and i know some basic of japanese and korean .... i am planing to audition at 2013 cause right now all i do is practice .... is it okay ??
Being fluent in more than one language is good. I would recommend waiting until you are older to audition.

look at the album of mine :)

and this -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.454103704610083.101720.100000313717103&type=3

.............. what do you think ?? could i pass well on the looks ?? well im just young so i just started caring about my appearance right now so i think i can approve more in the future .....
You’re cute! Taking care of your looks is important.

Thanks! I’m glad you like the blog.

hey, i have recently been getting more and more interested in trying out for sm, but im 13 and wondering if you have to be over 21 to audition normally and not the youth star audition, and if the age doesn't necessarily matter then what is the difference. Im confused because on the youth star auditions it says 8-20 but n the normal weekly auditions it says there is no age limit. I was wondering if you could clarify what they mean.
There is no age limit. 8-20 is SM’s recommended age.

1. I was just wondering about the education you receive when you're an official SM trainee...Do you get to choose whether you attend Kent? Or can you apply for another private school? Or, is there an option for private tutoring instead?
As far as I know Kent is the only school you will go to.

2. Also, if you audition as a singer, how good does your dancing skill have to be? And do we really have to dance as well as sing? (I'd say singing is one of my best strengths, but dancing is definitely the weakest out of all my skills, as I really can't dance...)
You do not have to dance. But you will have to do a rhythm check. If you can’t dance I would suggest learning a dance cover or just a couple moves from YouTube for the rhythm check. If you can’t do that just clap in time to the music.

3. During the audition, would it be alright for us to speak English or Mandarin or Japanese over Korean? I'm definitely more confident speaking those three languages than Korean, as I haven't really learned any words in Korean.
If you can’t introduce yourself in Korean I would do English.
Your welcome!

Hi sharmaine

im 18 yrs. old turning 19 this november. is it ok if i audition at this age?
There is no age limit. As long as you don’t look old your good.

where can i download the application form for the audition? i can't download it at sm official website.
 I don't know of any other place to download the application if you can't get it from SM site.

and i have the same problem with @sugar,spice,& everything nice
i'm not that tan and not that light either. this is my problem. hehe.
Being darker is fine, Yuri from SNSD is darker.

Your welcome!

Hey SM Girl, I want to ask about SMA 2013. Fist of all, they'll have another auditon next year right?

I'm a 14 year old boy, going 15 this December. I'm 100% Chinnese, but live in Indonesia. I wan't to auditioning for them via email. But what should I send? I want to be a singer, I'm great at piano and guitar as well.
Send your email here:  smaudition@smtown.com

My height is around 177 currently. Is that too tall? And I'm quiet big. Not fat but big. Not huge either. Is that a problem?
That’s not too tall. Kris from EXO-M is 180.3 cm.

I can't dance at all. So I have to learn dance or what?
I would recommend learning to dance as that will increase your chances of being accepted.

I can't speak Korean at all. I speak Indonesian of course, and English fluently. Although I can't write a full page of newspaper in English, but I can chat very well. So once again, is that a problem?
No, if they like you and you get in they will teach you Korean.

And when they'll open the audition?
I’m not sure when their having auditions in Indonesia.

Your welcome!
Actually I can learn dance pretty quickly. so that shoudn't be a problem I think. But the rest are still.
That’s great!

Hi SM girl ^^
My name is Tania. i'm 16 years old. I plan to attend SMTOWN audition via email next month. i'm indonesian. i can speak indonesia,english,germany, and korea (just for introduction & some of the vocabulary that korean people use in their daily life ). my skin is brown. my height is 158 ​​cm. my weight is 52 kg. I can not sing very well but I can dance with very well, powerful and energetic. with these characteristics it possible to me to pass the audition?
thanks for ur help before :)
Knowing more than one language is a plus. Eat healthy and drink lots of water. Dancing is only half of it. I would learn at least a dance cover for the audition.If you pass the audition you will probably be someone more like Hyoyean from SNSD.

I have a lot of questions to you, so.. xD
My name is Naya, I have 17 years old, i'm 95 line. I'm tooo old to do the audition?
No, you are not too old.

They will care about my name? Even if in the middle has like... a name of a country? I'm descendant of
Chinese, i'm really pretty and I can sing and dance VERY WELL. I did acting a for 3 years too..
I doubt they will care about your name sounding different. Being pretty as well as being able to sing, dance, and act is great.

but I have a problem, I'm from south america and I can speak Korean very well, (but I speak 4 languages fluently)
Knowing more than one language is good.

can I do the WEEKLY audition in ENGLISH? Do you know NOW if they have a lot of trainees? How many?
Yes, you can do the audition in English. I do not know the exact number of trainees.

Wich song do you know in english that they like the most to do the audition? What they ask to you in the audition?
Sing a song that fits your voice and showcases your skills. A sad love song is always well

In the audition i will do alone in one room? They like small and cute girls? Do you know if the
idols there like foreigns? (like.. they respect them?)
I’m sure SM and the other idols are respectful. There are many foreigners that have debut so I wouldn’t worry about it.

I forgot! ->
And do we really have to dance as well as sing?

Do you know if the next girlgroup IS ALREADY decided the members?
No, I do not have any information about the next girl group.

When I dance in the audition, they will put a music our I should bring a CD to them?
Bring a CD if you have a particular piece you want to sing or dance to.

( Can you tell me if SuHo of EXO-K is pretty in personally? hahahaha i'm a huge fan of him okay ;A; , just kidding!)

Answers Rabina Rai,KLoverPopDreamerMist, Patricia Jao, Itachi kiba, Jg Scott tt

hey, i see that you've helped loads of people with the whole sm thing... a few more questions from me. (sorry if some of them are a bit repetitve)

1. how long does it take for the sm to contact you back if you got to the 2nd round, and that is if you were to send an audition through email?
It depends if you audition in person or by email. It will probably take 2 to 4 weeks if it’s by email. If you don’t make it, they won’t get back with you.

2. so sm really dont pay for the flights to korea if you were to get through to the 2nd round?? cause see i live in the uk, so it'd be very hard to take flights to other countries, when there is a chance of not getting through
Sometimes they pay for your flight, sometimes they don’t depends on how much they want you.

3. i have a pretty good voice (not amazing as other singers, but not bad to listen to)... i feel like my looks are ok... (not wanting to sound too arrogant), and i guess i can dance if i was taught it... would they take someone like that?
I can’t tell you that as I am not SM. It’s up to them to decide.

4. have sm ever liked someone so much that they sign them up straight away? if not, what do you think the chances are?? (just wondering, im not thinking that they will love me and sign me up...)
Not that I’ve heard of. Some people don’t have to audition a third time though.

5. im around 4ft 10 and im 16... what do you think?? is it fine?? :S ;)

I haven’t heard of a height limit and if you’re pretty I’m sure it’ll be fine.

im thinking about auditioning through email, but the thing is im not too sure what will happen next if they were to let me pass to the 2nd round.
thats it for now. i'll see if i have any other questions.

So I’m going to audition for SM weekly in La in almost a month and I want to ask some questions so I know whats the best possible way to make it ^^ Please help in detail.

1. I’m a girl at age 17 (just turned early june). I’m 5’6 so that would be 168cm and I am quite slim. I wear sizes 1-2 in skinny jeans. The last time i checked in 2011 i weighed 105. Im 25% American and 75% vietnamese, some of my friends that have met me for the first time have asked if I was korean. (Sorry if im sounding cocky or braggy >.<) My skin I THINK is kinda dark….im kinda like Hyoyeon (snsd) and Kai(exo) color. I know SM is looking for people with a white and clear skin, I have a little acne around my cheeks. But im currently getting treatment. (Clean and Clear, Lemon, Bio-Oil) Do you guys have any advice in getting acne fater and blemishes to??? Please help. SO MY MAIN QUESTION IS, do you think my features would fit the appearance “requirements?”

It’s fine if you aren’t Korean the main thing they are looking for is talented and pretty people.

2. What is it like at the audition and how do things work? (Please be detailed as much as possible) I want to audition for singing and dancing, do they let you do both or only 1? My friend said my voice is decent, but I don’t have much passion when I sing (That fustrates me lol) So any advice to have more passion when I sing? And for dancing I think my freestyle is decent, but I tend to repeat my moves, im not someone who’s embarassed to pop your chest and bootie. But I am quite shy. Is the audition privately by yourself and the judge? Or do you have to audition with others in like a row? Is it a plus if I sing in korean? My korean friend said that my korean pronunciation is decent and I know a few words here and there.

You have to dance and sing. If you audition for singing they make you do a rhythm check to a random song they put on. As for more passion try watching some k-pop singers and try to copy their emotion.

3. How long do they let you sing your song? Just a little (chorus) or they let you sing the whole song. Will they tell me to sing more than 1 song?
They let me sing the whole song but if you’re singing a longer song you may not get to finish.

4. For dancing, do they put on random music and make you freestyle? Or do u have to bring your own CD? I also heard there is a rhythm test, what exactly do you do in that?
I brought my own CD and danced to that. If you don’t have a CD they will put music on for you do dance to. If you are auditioning just for singing and not dancing they will still make you do a rhythm test. For the rhythm test you’re supposed to show you can follow a rhythm. If you can’t really dance try clapping in time.

5. Do you have to do a brief introduction of yourself? And is there a possible interview?
Yes introduce yourself, something like this could work:
Hello my name is _______ I'm __ years old and I'm auditioning for _____ the song I'm singing is ____
I haven’t heard of interviews.

6. If i do pass the audition to the 2nd round, what do I have to do in that audition? (It’d be great if anyone who made it through answer this)
You have to audition in person so you will sing a song, dance, they might ask you to do some facial expressions. If they are really interested they'll start asking you a lot of questions.

7. Same thing if I possibly pass to 3rd round. I heard SM sends you to Korea for the 3rd round. Do they pay for your ticket and expenses and place to stay (detail please) and if i fail the 3rd round do they pay my plane ticket back or I have to pay it?
It depends on how much they want you.

8. If i make it and become a trainee what will life be like? The education and training times? (Detail please)
6 am -> wake up
7 -> go to Kent
3:30 -> dismissal
4 - 9 -> training sessions
9:30 -> we have to be back at home and as much as possible sleep at 10 to have an 8 hour sleep.

Those are all the question I have so far, Please help me by answering them. I really want to make the auditions. Please message me back~

What if i'm good at singing and i don't know how to dance, do i have to do the rhythm test in the auditions or they give dance lessons first? thanks :)
Even if you aren’t auditioning for dancing they will have you do a rhythm test. They will play a song and you can either dance or just show you can follow a rhythm.

Your welcome.

Hello sm girl I would like to ask you some questions so I have been really wanting to audition for sm ent but I'm not sure how to prepare I live in Washington so I have no choice but to do an emailed application I'm not sure how to prepare for it but meanwhile I will tell you a bit about myself I'm 13 I live in sunnyside washington and I'm 5ft 1 and I weigh 97 pounds but I have big bones I'm skinny and I have really nice skin I have really light colored skin Everyone in my family and in my school thinks I look like Bella kristen Stewart from twilight I don't see the resemblance though heh and my hair is a really light brown not blonde not too brown though and I love to sing dance act and model and I love playing games and drawing and I play sports aswell I will be in the 8th grade I play piano and clarinet and Iam the youngest of almost my whole family I have a nephew and a younger cousin but other then them I'm one of the 5 youngest and in my family with siblings and such I have 2 brothers and a sister and my father on my fathers side I'm a bit Asian everone on my dads side looks Asian but I look white heh I dont live with I live with my mother and or academic and behaviour wise I'm very respectful I've never ever gotten into any trouble and I get all As and Bs in school im in the higher class's but I'm afraid to tell my family I want to audition and I'm afraid I won't make it in
13 is a little young to audition. I would wait until you are at least 15. Besides that, Your height and weight are both really nice.
Your skills and hobbies are nice ones to have. Looking Asian sadly is a huge part of getting into SM. :( So you look a little Asian which is good.
You'll need to have your family standing behind you to support you are you'll never make it. Trust me.

Hey Jg Scott,

Being a dancer is great. But that’s only a half of it. You need to be able to sing or at least rap. No group has a member that just dances so I suggest you learn to sing and rap.
I would also suggest learning a dance that isn’t from SM Entertainment.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Infinity Sam answers

1.Lets say i pass step 1 of the audition by email, do i need go to korea to audition for step 2 or i the same thing by email?
You need to go in person and audition.

2. Do they pay the ticket to korea once i pass the step 1 or 2 audition?

Sometimes they pay, sometimes they don’t. Depends on how much they want you.

3.Hows does the trainee life works and is traIning everyday or weekdays only?
If you read my Q and A’s post it would answer you question. http://smentertainmenthelper.blogspot.com/2011/01/qs-and-as-for-sm-entertianment.html

4.Audition is just singing and dancing? Do i need to dress myself like a real kpop singer?
And also a little acting and maybe modeling. No, dress in nice comfy clothes.

5.The school they send you is korean school or international school?
Once again read my post.

6.Lets say you live in a dorm, where do you eat breakfast lunch and dinner?
You do live in a dorm. They provide the food so I assume they will have a cafeteria.

7. Do they give you allowance? If yes how much?
Yes they give you an allowance. I seem to recall about 120 dollars a month. But I could be wrong.

8.Whats SM Academy?
SM Academy is where you pay to have SM train you. They train you like normal trainees and if they think you’re good enough they make you an official SM trainee and then you don’t have to pay.

9. Are trainee teachers really mean?
Strict, at times mean. But they want you to do well.

10. Do they show you around the korea?
I doubt it.

11.If you go to school or go to SM building to train , do they pick you up or walk self?
You will probably take the bus.

12.What is the highest age to audition??What is the minumum and the maximum year to train as a trainee before you debut?
There is no age limit.

13.Will SM call you continue to train even if your sick?
I’m sure they will let you rest.

14.If the training is about becoming a kpop singer, why is there a acting training??
To be a singer is to be a performer. To perform and acting move the audience you need to be able to show emotion. So acting is useful.

15.Once your a kpop idol are you still able to use Social Website like Facebook or Twitter?? Do SM allow you to contact your family>?
Once you are an idol you can. But as long as you are a trainee you can not.
In the future please try not to ask so many questions at once. It’s a lot of work for me.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shooting Star and StopCyberBullying answers

-I am 16 years old korean age(originally 15)am i too old to become a trainee?
You are not too old. You’re still plenty young.

-I am not asian but people often told me i look like one,does that increase my chances?
Yes, that would probably help your chances.

-I speak Korean,kinda fluently.
What do you mean kinda? Either you speak it fluently or you don’t.

So if practise singing and dancing do you think i'd have any chances to join SM if i audition via e-mail?
You need to be talented and have the looks SM wants to get accepted. If you think you’ve got it give it a shot.


1. Is there a better chance for you to audition in Korea? Why? Because I am willing to pay and fly to Korea if thats true.
The reason the chances are higher is became SM is actually looking at you in person. At the Weekly audition or Global they video tape you and send it back to SM. Email is also similar.

2. I heard SM looks for looks ALOT. Not to be cocky but I'm pretty (alot of people say that) Slim face, monolids, high nose and small mouth. Do I have a higher chance?
Your face sounds nice… although I don’t think SM likes monolids. I believe Kyuhyun admitted he did surgery of get rid of his. Of course being pretty will give you a better chance.

3. I can sing pretty well. Hitting high notes is easy (I can sing SNSD's Kissing You very well) I never tried dancing but I'm good at acting too. Based on looks and talent, do you think I have a good chance?
You may think you sing well until a teacher actually starts teaching you. If you haven’t had any singing lessons I look into having some.

4. For global auditions (i live in Canada) how many people make it?
It’s different every time. I can’t really say.

5. I'm full chinese and know english. I don't know any korean so if I audition in Korea do I have to hire a translator or such?
I think SM will help you with a translater if you get accepted. If you just go there on your own to audition then you might need one.

6. If I audition in Korea and only staying 1-2 weeks, will they have enough time to give me the results?
It should be enough time. Just let them know you’re only there for a bit.

You look cute. J

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Answers for f56dd654-9eef-11e1-8cfa-000bcdcb8a73May 15, 2012 5:42 PM, MaegiMay 19, 2012 11:27 AM, TruedreamRTMay 20, 2012 5:29 PM and Kimmy.

  1. I'm 17, is it okay for me to still audition?

As long as you don’t look like your in you 80’s you’re fine. J

  1. I'm not that good in singing or dancing, pretty average I guess, but if they see potential do you think they'll still take me in and help my talents grow?

If you have the potential then you have a chance. If you know you have the potential train a little first so that the judges will see you have the skills to make it.

  1. A) I'm thinking about email audtions because I live in the Wisconsin, USA, and if I pass it and go to the 2 audition, is it with an audiance? or in a room with the judges?

No audience. Just the judges, unless you do the global audition and there will be 10 people auditing counting you.

B) Are any auditions live with an audiance?


4. I'm 5'3 and around 125 lbs, do you think it's okay? Because I was recently reading SNSD's profile and they are tall and super skinny! [insert my sad face]

Okay first off SNSD is not tall. They have a couple of taller members but they aren’t all tall. With your height you would be taller than Taeyeon, Sunny, and Hyoyeon.

  1. My vocals arent that strong...and they aren't high. My range is kind of low. I sing better with a low song, is it alright because most of the Girl SM Artists have nice high-pitched voices, which are also strong...

Another thing is most girls in SM don’t have that great high voice. They are trained well so that you can’t tell. You’ll be amazed with what training and a mic will do to your voice. If your voice is low that’s fine. Just means you’ll stand out more. J

For the weekly audition you may bring your own CD and dance routine. :-D

If you think you have the talent and skills need to make it give it a shot.

Hi Kimmy,

>>So, just in case, I don't want to say too much, but... I was in the room by myself (with the judge, obviously, hehe) for about 20 minutes. I'm not sure if that's considered a while for the weekly auditions.

That is considered a good long time. :D

>>She, the judge, had me sing two songs, had me dance a little bit, do the rhythm test, zoomed up on me... that sort of stuff. So is that a good thing? Okay, well either way, I hope you can respond to this!

I’m guessing she liked what she saw and knew SM would also so she did all that stuff with you.

>.< Oh! And I'm Korean and pale if that makes any difference :) And how long did it take you to hear back from them for the 2nd audition? Was it the day after like in the Global auditions or was it like a week later? I'm not sure if you have already answered stuff like this but... yeah. Thank you so much!

SM naturally will prefer Korean’s so that should be in your favor. It might take a couple of weeks.

Good luck you all!