Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Questions and Answers for the SM Entertainment Audition!

Hello everyone!

It’s me, SMgirl and here I am to answer the most commonly asked questions about the SM Entertainment Audition!!! 
It's kinda of a re-post but most of you guys seem to miss it and ask the same questions all the time! So here you go again!

(These questions are one people have asked me and my friend that was in SM. Her name was Callie and I will put a Callie at the end of her answers.)

Is it a disadvantage if I don't look Asian? Will SM accept non-Asian looking people?!
There's no non-Asian trainees at the moment, but give it a shot! You never know until you try. (Callie)

Is it true that some trainees never get to debut? :(
Yes! There are only few chosen to debut and most just quit sm. (Callie)

Must I sing in Korean when I audition?
No. You can sing in any language.

When I audition for singing, can i accompany it w/ guitar?

Yes you can!

What type of girls do they want?
Someone who is unique, has a nice figure, aura of an artiste, has a talent in the fields of arts (singing, dancing, acting), undeniably good-looking. I just noticed since almost all of the trainees have those common qualities. (Callie)

Do you get your own room or do you share?
You share.

If you decide to go to a Korean college while you’re a trainee, is SM going to pay for the tuition?
Yes. Everything that you needed will be paid by them if you're an official trainee.

What’s the difference between official and unofficial trainees?
Official trainees are chosen by SM and SM will pay for them. (i.e. Dorm, Food, Clothes, Schooling.)

Where do the unofficial trainees come from?
Korea. They pay SM to train them.

If I’m 16 am too old to audition?
Nope. (Callie)

Training includes singing, dancing, modeling, acting and language learning right?
Yep! (Callie)

How did you audition? What is the best way to audition?
Go to KOREA! I went to Korea and tried out for weekly auditions. There's a better chance to be chosen as their trainees compared to Global auditions. (Callie)

What’s a rhythm check?
A rhythm check is when the judge puts on a random piece of music and you dance to it.

How many trainees live in one dorm & how many in one room?
There are 2 buildings -> one for boys and one for girls
One dorm room -> about 8-10 people
One room (inside the dorm) -> at least 3 people each room.

Hey Callie, I really need some more Info about everyday life as a trainee. My parents aren't all that willing to let me audition because they are afraid of the environment. So what is it like? Is it safe and friendly? Please give in detail what it’s like.
Tell them SM will be the one to provide food, clothes, allowance, tuition fees, dorm, plane ticket to Korea (but not from Korea to your country) and more for you. it's just that they don't pay you. Tell them you train almost every day but you have a freedom to choose what schedule you are getting.

6 am -> wake up
7 -> go to Kent
3:30 -> dismissal
4 - 9 -> training sessions
9:30 -> we have to be back at home and as much as possible sleep at 10 to have an 8 hour sleep.

(Since I’m a member of the school's pep squad team, i start training for SM at 5 every Thursday and Monday). (Callie)

DISCLAIMER: I will say that my information is only what I've heard and read about. I have never gotten into SM Entertainment so some of this info may be subject to change over time.

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