Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shooting Star and StopCyberBullying answers

-I am 16 years old korean age(originally 15)am i too old to become a trainee?
You are not too old. You’re still plenty young.

-I am not asian but people often told me i look like one,does that increase my chances?
Yes, that would probably help your chances.

-I speak Korean,kinda fluently.
What do you mean kinda? Either you speak it fluently or you don’t.

So if practise singing and dancing do you think i'd have any chances to join SM if i audition via e-mail?
You need to be talented and have the looks SM wants to get accepted. If you think you’ve got it give it a shot.


1. Is there a better chance for you to audition in Korea? Why? Because I am willing to pay and fly to Korea if thats true.
The reason the chances are higher is became SM is actually looking at you in person. At the Weekly audition or Global they video tape you and send it back to SM. Email is also similar.

2. I heard SM looks for looks ALOT. Not to be cocky but I'm pretty (alot of people say that) Slim face, monolids, high nose and small mouth. Do I have a higher chance?
Your face sounds nice… although I don’t think SM likes monolids. I believe Kyuhyun admitted he did surgery of get rid of his. Of course being pretty will give you a better chance.

3. I can sing pretty well. Hitting high notes is easy (I can sing SNSD's Kissing You very well) I never tried dancing but I'm good at acting too. Based on looks and talent, do you think I have a good chance?
You may think you sing well until a teacher actually starts teaching you. If you haven’t had any singing lessons I look into having some.

4. For global auditions (i live in Canada) how many people make it?
It’s different every time. I can’t really say.

5. I'm full chinese and know english. I don't know any korean so if I audition in Korea do I have to hire a translator or such?
I think SM will help you with a translater if you get accepted. If you just go there on your own to audition then you might need one.

6. If I audition in Korea and only staying 1-2 weeks, will they have enough time to give me the results?
It should be enough time. Just let them know you’re only there for a bit.

You look cute. J

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