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hey, i see that you've helped loads of people with the whole sm thing... a few more questions from me. (sorry if some of them are a bit repetitve)

1. how long does it take for the sm to contact you back if you got to the 2nd round, and that is if you were to send an audition through email?
It depends if you audition in person or by email. It will probably take 2 to 4 weeks if it’s by email. If you don’t make it, they won’t get back with you.

2. so sm really dont pay for the flights to korea if you were to get through to the 2nd round?? cause see i live in the uk, so it'd be very hard to take flights to other countries, when there is a chance of not getting through
Sometimes they pay for your flight, sometimes they don’t depends on how much they want you.

3. i have a pretty good voice (not amazing as other singers, but not bad to listen to)... i feel like my looks are ok... (not wanting to sound too arrogant), and i guess i can dance if i was taught it... would they take someone like that?
I can’t tell you that as I am not SM. It’s up to them to decide.

4. have sm ever liked someone so much that they sign them up straight away? if not, what do you think the chances are?? (just wondering, im not thinking that they will love me and sign me up...)
Not that I’ve heard of. Some people don’t have to audition a third time though.

5. im around 4ft 10 and im 16... what do you think?? is it fine?? :S ;)

I haven’t heard of a height limit and if you’re pretty I’m sure it’ll be fine.

im thinking about auditioning through email, but the thing is im not too sure what will happen next if they were to let me pass to the 2nd round.
thats it for now. i'll see if i have any other questions.

So I’m going to audition for SM weekly in La in almost a month and I want to ask some questions so I know whats the best possible way to make it ^^ Please help in detail.

1. I’m a girl at age 17 (just turned early june). I’m 5’6 so that would be 168cm and I am quite slim. I wear sizes 1-2 in skinny jeans. The last time i checked in 2011 i weighed 105. Im 25% American and 75% vietnamese, some of my friends that have met me for the first time have asked if I was korean. (Sorry if im sounding cocky or braggy >.<) My skin I THINK is kinda dark….im kinda like Hyoyeon (snsd) and Kai(exo) color. I know SM is looking for people with a white and clear skin, I have a little acne around my cheeks. But im currently getting treatment. (Clean and Clear, Lemon, Bio-Oil) Do you guys have any advice in getting acne fater and blemishes to??? Please help. SO MY MAIN QUESTION IS, do you think my features would fit the appearance “requirements?”

It’s fine if you aren’t Korean the main thing they are looking for is talented and pretty people.

2. What is it like at the audition and how do things work? (Please be detailed as much as possible) I want to audition for singing and dancing, do they let you do both or only 1? My friend said my voice is decent, but I don’t have much passion when I sing (That fustrates me lol) So any advice to have more passion when I sing? And for dancing I think my freestyle is decent, but I tend to repeat my moves, im not someone who’s embarassed to pop your chest and bootie. But I am quite shy. Is the audition privately by yourself and the judge? Or do you have to audition with others in like a row? Is it a plus if I sing in korean? My korean friend said that my korean pronunciation is decent and I know a few words here and there.

You have to dance and sing. If you audition for singing they make you do a rhythm check to a random song they put on. As for more passion try watching some k-pop singers and try to copy their emotion.

3. How long do they let you sing your song? Just a little (chorus) or they let you sing the whole song. Will they tell me to sing more than 1 song?
They let me sing the whole song but if you’re singing a longer song you may not get to finish.

4. For dancing, do they put on random music and make you freestyle? Or do u have to bring your own CD? I also heard there is a rhythm test, what exactly do you do in that?
I brought my own CD and danced to that. If you don’t have a CD they will put music on for you do dance to. If you are auditioning just for singing and not dancing they will still make you do a rhythm test. For the rhythm test you’re supposed to show you can follow a rhythm. If you can’t really dance try clapping in time.

5. Do you have to do a brief introduction of yourself? And is there a possible interview?
Yes introduce yourself, something like this could work:
Hello my name is _______ I'm __ years old and I'm auditioning for _____ the song I'm singing is ____
I haven’t heard of interviews.

6. If i do pass the audition to the 2nd round, what do I have to do in that audition? (It’d be great if anyone who made it through answer this)
You have to audition in person so you will sing a song, dance, they might ask you to do some facial expressions. If they are really interested they'll start asking you a lot of questions.

7. Same thing if I possibly pass to 3rd round. I heard SM sends you to Korea for the 3rd round. Do they pay for your ticket and expenses and place to stay (detail please) and if i fail the 3rd round do they pay my plane ticket back or I have to pay it?
It depends on how much they want you.

8. If i make it and become a trainee what will life be like? The education and training times? (Detail please)
6 am -> wake up
7 -> go to Kent
3:30 -> dismissal
4 - 9 -> training sessions
9:30 -> we have to be back at home and as much as possible sleep at 10 to have an 8 hour sleep.

Those are all the question I have so far, Please help me by answering them. I really want to make the auditions. Please message me back~

What if i'm good at singing and i don't know how to dance, do i have to do the rhythm test in the auditions or they give dance lessons first? thanks :)
Even if you aren’t auditioning for dancing they will have you do a rhythm test. They will play a song and you can either dance or just show you can follow a rhythm.

Your welcome.

Hello sm girl I would like to ask you some questions so I have been really wanting to audition for sm ent but I'm not sure how to prepare I live in Washington so I have no choice but to do an emailed application I'm not sure how to prepare for it but meanwhile I will tell you a bit about myself I'm 13 I live in sunnyside washington and I'm 5ft 1 and I weigh 97 pounds but I have big bones I'm skinny and I have really nice skin I have really light colored skin Everyone in my family and in my school thinks I look like Bella kristen Stewart from twilight I don't see the resemblance though heh and my hair is a really light brown not blonde not too brown though and I love to sing dance act and model and I love playing games and drawing and I play sports aswell I will be in the 8th grade I play piano and clarinet and Iam the youngest of almost my whole family I have a nephew and a younger cousin but other then them I'm one of the 5 youngest and in my family with siblings and such I have 2 brothers and a sister and my father on my fathers side I'm a bit Asian everone on my dads side looks Asian but I look white heh I dont live with I live with my mother and or academic and behaviour wise I'm very respectful I've never ever gotten into any trouble and I get all As and Bs in school im in the higher class's but I'm afraid to tell my family I want to audition and I'm afraid I won't make it in
13 is a little young to audition. I would wait until you are at least 15. Besides that, Your height and weight are both really nice.
Your skills and hobbies are nice ones to have. Looking Asian sadly is a huge part of getting into SM. :( So you look a little Asian which is good.
You'll need to have your family standing behind you to support you are you'll never make it. Trust me.

Hey Jg Scott,

Being a dancer is great. But that’s only a half of it. You need to be able to sing or at least rap. No group has a member that just dances so I suggest you learn to sing and rap.
I would also suggest learning a dance that isn’t from SM Entertainment.


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  2. Hey there, I would like to ask ,

    1) if I have any questions to ask SM themselves, where can I ask them?

    2) do I need to fill smthg like a form about my personal things like where I come from, how old am I and etc?

    3) if I want to send my audition's video, what is the email I can send to?

    Thank youuu hope u will reply soon.