Sunday, October 14, 2012

Infinity Sam answers

1.Lets say i pass step 1 of the audition by email, do i need go to korea to audition for step 2 or i the same thing by email?
You need to go in person and audition.

2. Do they pay the ticket to korea once i pass the step 1 or 2 audition?

Sometimes they pay, sometimes they don’t. Depends on how much they want you.

3.Hows does the trainee life works and is traIning everyday or weekdays only?
If you read my Q and A’s post it would answer you question.

4.Audition is just singing and dancing? Do i need to dress myself like a real kpop singer?
And also a little acting and maybe modeling. No, dress in nice comfy clothes.

5.The school they send you is korean school or international school?
Once again read my post.

6.Lets say you live in a dorm, where do you eat breakfast lunch and dinner?
You do live in a dorm. They provide the food so I assume they will have a cafeteria.

7. Do they give you allowance? If yes how much?
Yes they give you an allowance. I seem to recall about 120 dollars a month. But I could be wrong.

8.Whats SM Academy?
SM Academy is where you pay to have SM train you. They train you like normal trainees and if they think you’re good enough they make you an official SM trainee and then you don’t have to pay.

9. Are trainee teachers really mean?
Strict, at times mean. But they want you to do well.

10. Do they show you around the korea?
I doubt it.

11.If you go to school or go to SM building to train , do they pick you up or walk self?
You will probably take the bus.

12.What is the highest age to audition??What is the minumum and the maximum year to train as a trainee before you debut?
There is no age limit.

13.Will SM call you continue to train even if your sick?
I’m sure they will let you rest.

14.If the training is about becoming a kpop singer, why is there a acting training??
To be a singer is to be a performer. To perform and acting move the audience you need to be able to show emotion. So acting is useful.

15.Once your a kpop idol are you still able to use Social Website like Facebook or Twitter?? Do SM allow you to contact your family>?
Once you are an idol you can. But as long as you are a trainee you can not.
In the future please try not to ask so many questions at once. It’s a lot of work for me.


  1. HI SM Girl

    I'm a quarter Korean, as my grandmothers family is Korean and so is she. I am Indian too. Family Tree:
    My mum = her dad Indian and mother Korea
    My dad = His dad and mum Korea.

    I want to join Sm entertainment but im scared to audition as im an Indian.
    My skin is fair and i look Korean, but i look Indian as well, but no-one even thinks of me being Indian (my friends),im pretty(amazing at cuteness, sexiness is alright but i never really try it) , will sm accept me?

    I am 158 cm tall, is that alright?

    Can speak English fluently (born and brought up in England), but can only say few things in Korea, is that alright?

    I am good at singing (but not outstanding yet) im outstanding at low tones, alright at high but sometimes my voice breaks, is that alright?

    I'm naturally skinny, but not bonny, i'm 42kg?

    Im born on 1st august 2000, ill audition in two years, in 2017 so two before august and ill be 16 at the time ( im currently attending Korean classes, dance classes and singing classes) im doing all these so that when i get in, i can debut within a year or so.

    Please answer, and is it alright to audition just before 17, as my parents wont let me go korea yet, i need to get As and Bs just in case i don't get in sm.( currently working at Bs in subjects)

  2. I am malaysian but im not chinese...they wil accept me??


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