Friday, August 22, 2014

Come Take a Sneak Peek into my Life!

I'm opening up a new blog where I'll be doing everything from giving you beauty tips, fashion ideas, daily life guidance and much more!

Come on over and check it out!

If you'd all take the time to give me a like, follow, message on Model Management I'd greatly appreciate it! Just follow the link and click on my pictures and give them a like! It would really help me out!



  1. Hi! I would like to ask you about whether religion can not audition?

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  4. at what age do i not need parental consent to become a trainee?

  5. Ummm....hai sm girl....I wanted to join sm audition since I was very young...and I did not know how.....I'm Vanessa Lee....and now I'm 16years old at Korean age.....n I'm from do I audition...if I wanted to become actor,singer and model....??? I dunno if I can pass my singing test or not cuz I'm not very good but I'll try......but my parent not very supporting me so much ...but it is my dream....since I was do I audition it? Do I have to go to Korea there n go to sm entertainment to audition it??? N the plane ticket I pay for myself? When is the audition start??? How is the audition is like when I first register? What should I do first?? Pls help me to achieve my dream

  6. Hello I had attended the weekly audition in 3rd of December. I didn't get any reply from SM, does this mean I didn't pass the audition?