Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm back! ~ SM girl

Hey Everyone!

As you should know I was having trouble answering your comments. Well everything is back up and working so you can start asking questions again. :)

There are a few rules and changes you need to understand.
1. Only ask up to 2 questions at a time. Once yours are answered you can ask 2 more.
2. I will reply you comments in a post each time. That way it'll be easier to find your reply.
3. I'm in college right now and I'm very busy so please have patience. :)

Thanks everyone!


  1. Hey SM Girl, I want to ask about SMA 2013. Fist of all, they'll have another auditon next year right?

    I'm a 14 year old boy, going 15 this December. I'm 100% Chinnese, but live in Indonesia. I want to auditioning for them via email. But what should I send?

    I'm great at piano and guitar as well. But I can't dance. I'll learn it though.

    My height is around 177 currently. Is that too tall? And I'm quiet big. Not fat but big. Not huge either. Is that a problem?I can't dance at all. So I have to learn dance or what?

    I can't speak Korean at all. I speak Indonesian of course, and English fluently. Although I can't write a full page of newspaper in English, but I can chat very well. So once again, is that a problem?

    And when they'll open the audition? Thx. Hope you reply soon

    1. If you haven't had your question answered yet please repost your question in the comments on this page:

      Thank you!


  2. Hai sM girl can i ask something..
    I would like sm audition weekly, but im from indonesia..
    How can i sen an email or post there?
    What there is no chance for an audition via email ,

    Please send it me email addres for audition :)

    By : christine

    1. Hi Christine,

      Here is the email address:

      If you need help contact SM thru this email address:

      You're welcome,