Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some problems

Hi everyone!

It's SMgirl here. I've been trying and trying to answer all of your questions but for some reason I am unable to post comments.
So for a while I will be unable to answer any of your questions. Please read through my Q and A's and read through the comments that have been made. There's a lot and it should answer all of your questions.

After reading everything on my blog and you still need help you may email me but please keep your questions short. No more than 2 per email and only send one email until I reply it back.



  1. Hello SM girl! I would like to ask how to apply for a job as staff in SM. Could you please show me the way to do that??
    This is my email:
    Hope I can receive your mail soon.

    Thanks for reading my message!

    1. Hey Kara,

      For some reason your email address wasn't working. :(

      Here is a list of email address for SM,



      For the email you should give your name/ age/ gender/ category ex. state clearly for what sort of job you are going for, i.e. makeup artist, coordinator, of whatever it is you want to do. Give samples of your work. Make sure pics are in either JPG or GIF format.

      Sorry for the delay,


  2. SM girl, please i have same questions, but concerning Managers
    how to apply for managers? are they asking for special skills or qualifications? do they ask for any experience or diplomas? and if i wanna apply for a manager in SM how to, shall i apply by Email or i shall be present in korea?
    can u email me the answers here pleaseee? Email:

    1. Hello Jung.Minnie,

      Your email address isn't working on my computer.


    2. i already recieved your email dear ^_^

    3. Hey Jung.Minie,

      Great! My computer was giving an error message saying that it couldn't send.


  3. Hey SM Girl, why does the email that the SM Postmaster keep sending me an email that keeps saying that their mailbox is full? I want to send my audition in but it wont let me because of that... I have been trying for days but their inbox is still full... I dont know what to do... Please help.

    1. Hi Juan Rivas,
      SM's mailbox must be full and cannot accept any more emails. Try to contact SM, either on their website or on phone, and let them know.


  4. Hey SM girl,
    So like I just wanted to know if auditions are still opened. My cousin wanted to do it so badly and I was just asking. Thanks...

    1. Hello Thanh,

      SM holds weekly auditions in South Korea and the USA. You can email audition at any time if you are unable to go to a live audition.

      You're welcome,

  5. Hey SM girl..I wanna ask,
    I've tried to send an email for global audition..but I received a feedback from postmaster who said that their mailbox is full..
    is it possible to them to get my email if I send it later on?
    because they said that the deadline is until Feb 20..but I always failed to send mine..

    1. Hello Nona,
      Someone else said that they had the same problem. My guess is that SM is really busy and gets TONS of emails and doesn't realize when their mailbox is full.
      Try contacting the SM website and tell them your problem. Other than that there's not much you can do until they clear up some room in their mailbox. :(


  6. can i audition if im:
    12 years old, 13 in korean
    50%good at singing 50% good in dancing
    in the Philippines
    can speak kind of fluently in english
    additional details:
    if i pass the 1st and 2nd audition, will Sm entertainment book a flight for me for free?
    if im in korea i will finish my studies there right? then will sm pay for my educational needs?
    im 5'6 tall, is that an advantage or not?
    thanks if you answer!

    1. Hi Lemuel Oliva,

      Yes, to all of your questions on auditioning.

      On rare occasions, SM will pay for your ticket to Korea, but only if they really want you in their company.

      Yes, SM has a school for trainees.

      Yes, being tall is a good thing.

      You're welcome!

  7. Hi! I have some questions for you. It would help if you answer me! Thanks~

    1) I'm 11 this year. Is that too young?

    2) I have slightly taller than average but am a little overweigh. Like by 1kg or so? Will they ask me to go on a diet(if I get in I mean)?

    3) I can sing well but not when it is recorded? But I can rap in English and dance a little. My acting is good and I have been the lead role in 12 plays. What should I audition for?

    4) Do I need to be very pretty? I have a chubby face and teeth which i'm fixing this year.

    5) I'm Singaporean. Will they accept me?

    6) If I get accepted, do I need to go there for one more audition? Because i'm going to audition online. And will they pay for my flight fees?

    7) I can speak English, Chinese and a little Korean. Will they teach me Korean there?


  8. I can sing really good and it high notes for a long time too.
    I can dance a little better than average but I still have 2-4 years dancing before I audition.
    I think I'm pretty but under Korea standards am I?
    I have fair skin with yellow/olive undertones.
    My bmi for a 13 year old over in Korea is 19.3
    I am 164 cm. But I haven't hit a growth spurt yet so I still have plenty of growing.
    I also want to know if they will let you visit you family like once or twice every one or two years.
    Will they pay for a ticket from Oregon to L.A. to audition or do you have to pay for it.
    Will they also pay for a plane ticket from Oregon or L.A. to Korea.

    1. Hey Park Rae Ae,

      Okay, for the ticket question. SM rarely (like never) pays for your ticket to Korea. If you pass the second audition and they ask you to come to Korea to do a third audition you will have to pay your own way.


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  10. Well in Korea I'd be turning 16 in January.

  11. Will they accept you if you have only a quarter of Asian in you heh I'm only a quarter of French, Puerto Rican, British, Asian, Irish, and Swedish.

  12. Or I'm half Puerto Rican and half American.

  13. But I look more American than Puerto Rican because I look more like from my mom's side tall and slim and kinda white more white on my face and legs.

  14. What is postmaster of Sm town?? Please tell me
    my acc is

  15. What are needed for audition???
    I want to be an idol.I am good at dancing!
    I can dance very good.
    But I can't come to Korea.I am from Myanmar.I want to be a SM idol badly.How can I do???

  16. hi sm girls i use apply now to send my profile he reply me

    :audition application form has been received complete.
    Thank you for participating in the SM AUDITION.

    - SM AUDITION representative -
    this is another message

    :Thank you for submitting your application for the S.M. Entertainment Audition.
    We have received your completed application, and any information given will be held strictly confidential. If you have any questions or comments regarding this e-mail, please contact us at Thank you again for your interest in the S.M. Entertainment Audition.
    Best of luck,
    S.M. Entertainment,

    Audition Manager

    what that means