Friday, June 11, 2010

Okay so I'm going to try posting a video of my singing later on... once I get a good song ;)


  1. Hello :DD
    I'm Amilia and i'm from Singapore .
    I would like to ask you MANY questions about the SM audition thing .
    Do you mind giving me your email so i can send you what i want to ask ?
    I'm can't email you through yahoo answer but i could through msn but i just do not know your email .
    I hope you will reply as soon as possible
    Please consider this request .
    Thank You Very Much :DD

  2. Hey.
    I am Terence from Singapore and I have quite a few important question about getting into SME that i prefer to ask through Email.

    Please Email me at
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Many Thanks.
    Cheers. ^^

  3. Hi!!
    I'm new to all this blogging so I'm still not sure how to use it but I'm very very interested in auditioning for SME.

    Like the earlier posts, I would prefer it if you could email me as well. Can you please email me at: or could you give me your email address so I can email you?

    Thanks so much :D

  4. Hi! when it means a scanned photo does that mean it has to be from a HQ camera or can it be from a webcam?

  5. What they mean is that SM needs to be able to see you clearly. So no webcam. HQ pictures are best.

  6. Heyy wanna ask you something!as you were selected? by global audition or personal audition in corea?

  7. Hi Dreams!

    I was not selected by SM.


  8. Hi there !

    I have a few questions to ask you ..

    1)if i am selected for the sm audition, can our parents follow us to Korea?
    2) if I am selected for the sm audition, and I get bad grades if I study there, Will sm 'kick' me out ?
    Thank you :)

    1. Hey Sabrina,

      1) That is for your parents to decide. If they want to move to Korea they can.

      2) No, being really smart is not a requirement to be an SM artist.

      Your welcome,

  9. Hi smgirl^_^ my question is

    1 im not korean im egyptian could they accpet me?!
    2 im 19 old T_T
    3 im prytty and thin and look like modle
    4 if i cant go to korea how can i audition

    1. Hi Nelly,

      1. So far SM hasn't accepted anyone who is not Asian.

      2. That's fine.

      3. That is a good thing.

      4. Email audition is the next best thing. But if you do pass the email audition SM will ask you to go in to a SM audition place that they specify and audition in person.

      Sorry for the delay I was on vacation.


  10. 3-im. Pretty and thin and look like model but maybe not look like asian://

    1. Hey Nelly,

      Go ahead and audition it can't hurt. Try other entertainment companies that aren't quite so into looking Asian.


  11. Hi SM Girl!!

    I'm Nathalie. I am going to be 13 on 25 Feb. I live in Singapore. I always wanting to audition for SM and I am trying for an email audition. I am curious on how SM works so I'm here to ask for answers.
    1. Am I too young?

    2. Since I am trying to audition through email, what must I do for the video? Must I do a small introduction of myself in the video?

    3. If I pass the email audition, they will ask me to come to Korea for a love audition right? Will I need to pay for the plane tickets and the place I will be staying or SM will be the one paying.

    4. Can I give them a audio file instead of a video.

    5. If they request me to go to Korea for a live audition. Will it be like normal audition or it will be a little different.

    6. Will they ask questions if I went for the live audition. If yes, what are the common one and how should I reply.

    7. Will they speak in English or Korean?

    8. I am tall but I'm quite fat, will I still have a chance of getting in?

    9. Can I audition with a friend? If yes and we both got accepted will we stay in the same dorm?

    10. Are the SM trainees friendly or unfriendly just like what other people say?

    I may have more questions so may I know your email or at least you can answer my question through email. My email is
    Hope you will answer all of them

    1. Hi Nathalie,

      1. No, several members form SNSD auditioned very young. However, I would not recommend auditioning until you are older. Being an SM trainee is hard work!

      2. I would introduce myself and give the name of the song you are singing.

      3. SM will not pay for your second audition. If you do pass the email audition they will ask you to audition in person at the location closest to you (probably South Korea). SME rarely pays for your air fare for an audition.

      4. If SM says that is okay. You probably have a better chance of passing the audition if they can see you though.

      5. The first and second audition are the same (you get filmed on a camera). For the final audition you will be auditioning in front of SM's higher ups.

      6. I only did the first audition and they didn;t ask me any questions.

      7. They can speak English. It would be good to understand at least a little Korean.

      8. If SM sees potential in you they will accept you.

      9. No, you must audition individually. SM only has one dorm for girls.

      10. There might be a few mean trainees but most of them are nice.


  12. Hey~
    You said you went to Korea to audition, I was wondering if you already knew the language?
    I'm half asian, and half Hispanic.
    Though, my features are more on the asian side!
    I was thinking about going to Korea, and auditioning, but I don't know how to speak the language.
    Just the basic formalities and such.
    Does being half Hispanic lessen my chance? I'm not going to hide my culture. :)
    Can you give me the details?
    Of course since you're auditioning in Korea, they expect you to know the language, and that you're Korean?
    What was your experience in the audition, in Korea?
    How would the circumstances be?
    I don't live in L.A, or New York.
    So, traveling to weekly or global auditions are more likely if you suggest I don't go to Korea.
    :D Thank you!
    Your blog really helps me out.
    Excuse me for the amount of questions!
    Thank you,
    Sincerely Xia.

    1. Hi Moon Xia,

      No, I didn't go to Korea to audition. I went to LA.
      Looking Asain is really good.
      Speak in English if you can't speak Korean. Though it would be good if you could learn a few Korean phrases.
      Nope, being Hispanic is fine.
      More details about what? Don't cake yourself in makeup, go for a natural look.
      As I stated earlier I didn't audition in Korea. The audition in Korea is where you are in a lineup of 10 people and perform in front of SME judges. Nerve-wracking!
      If you can't make it to any of the auditions try doing an email audition.
      You're welcome. Good luck!


    2. ammm. hello…
      thanks for helping us with your information, but i really need a little help from you
      what if i want to be a backup dancer so what should i do and what they want and ask me to do… . what is the backup dancer audition and when it will start… ..
      i really need your help please
      …… rose ��…..